4 Wedding Jewellery Etiquettes Every Woman Should Know!

4 Wedding Jewellery Etiquettes Every Woman Should Know!

One of the most fun events that we all look forward to! There it comes… the wedding season! And this is the time we want to look our best, look fabulous, do some make up, wear beautiful and trendy outfits and the best jewellery you can ever match to look gorgeous! We all love to be complimented and this is one of the best times we meet our near and dear ones and therefore we always seek that acceptance of looking bold and beautiful and look out of the ordinary! However, we all are aware that wedding’s are special to the couple and therefore we make a conscious choice of not overpowering our looks and make sure we do not overshadow the couple. However, the etiquette is related not only to the dress code of the bride and groom but also to you as the guest. And when it comes to buying jewellery on someone's wedding day, in order to pick the right pieces, you should follow some basic rules, which also ensures that you owe the couple the best effort.


  1. Statement Pieces –

It depends whether you are the visitor to the wedding or you are the part of the couple’s family. If you are a visitor, you can stick to minimalistic jewellery. Why shouldn’t you wear jewellery that draws attention? They need not be heavy like the bride’s jewellery but you can choose to wear beautiful pieces, contrasting or matching. If you are part of the couple’s family, you can be rest assured of taking the game a notch up.  It does not hurt to look beautiful! Afterall such events are rare and you should make the most of it! And oh yes, if you are the bride, no one can stop you from being a princess on your big day!


  1. Kundan, Polki, Pearls and Diamonds –

These are classy looking big day occasional jewellery options. Nowadays, with beautiful and creative designs out in the market, you cannot just let your youth days go away. It’s the time to adorn yourself with these beautiful pieces. Just imagine, the kind of photographs you can click and when you look back later in life, these are definitely going to make you nostalgic!


  1. Depending on your outfit –

Always balance your outfit with the right kind of jewellery. If your outfit is heavy with too many colours or designs or patterns, keep your jewellery simple. If you are wearing a monochromatic colour, jazz up and look for some bold pieces as they will complement the outfit better.  Try and add a bit of contrast to your attire as too much matching look can actually spoil the whole look rather than elevating it.  Again, if the event is a day time event, you need not wear too heavy jewellery. If it is a night time event, you can pull up some something dazzling and with bold colours.


  1. Consider Your Personal Style

When choosing jewellery, it’s important to consider your personal style. Do you prefer classic and traditional pieces, or modern and trendy designs? Do you like delicate and subtle jewelry, or bold and statement pieces? Your personal style should be reflected in the jewellery you choose, and it should make you feel comfortable and confident.



Hope our wedding guest jewellery tips help you spruce up your ensemble with all your upcoming gigs. In addition to taking into account the wishes of the bride and groom, consider choosing pieces that reflect your style and make you feel relaxed. And with gorgeous jewellery, you can always have fun and make the most of all those hair and nail dates!

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