7 Trending Jewellery Designs to Accessorize Your Kurti!

Hey Gorgeous! Let’s talk about our most comfy clothing that we as women always love to get into!

Yes! You heard it right! A Kurti! A most versatile form of clothing which can be worn at any time of the day and at any event – be it in offices, at colleges, at home or any occasions! Our very own Kurti has stood the test of time and it’s tradition has been existing from centuries and will continue to be a part of every girl’s wardrobe in future generations to come. The styles change, trend changes but it never goes out of fashion. A girl or a woman of every age category adores the popularity of this attire and this is perfectly why a piece of jewellery makes it worthwhile. To enhance the look, the most adoring thing that comes to mind is the jewellery. Jewellery is every girl’s best friend. Some jewellery pieces can instantly transform these simple looking kurtis into something more beautiful and trendy.

So let’s quickly take a look at what kind of jewellery goes well with these and how these can be mixed and matched –

  1. Jhumkas –

Be it a simple kurti or a heavy one, the most rocking piece of jewellery is our age old Jhumkas. They never go out of style and can literally make you look instantly gorgeous. No girl can resist the spell of jhumkas. So why wait – just find yourselves a gorgeous pair of jhumka and get going!


  1. Chandbalis –

What can you say about Chandbalis! They look so absolutely ravishing and mind boggling with their beautiful designs that go so well with Kurtis!


  1. Studs –

Stud are one of the most cute, elegant and pretty forms of earring which give out beautiful and elegant vibes when matched with a Kurti. Unleash the magic by adorning these pretty studs with a kurti and see all the difference it makes.


  1. Bracelets –

Bracelets are unique in it own sense. They give the hand a pretty feel! Just notice how your hand feels when you top it up with a beautiful nail shade and a few hand rings and you are good to go!


  1. Hoop Earrings –

These are cute and infact can be paired up with any outfits. Simple to wear and mostly lightweight, they give you that chic look that you have always been wanting!


  1. Necklace –

Want to go for that bold look! Yes, it’s the necklace. With beautiful designs these days there is a never ending looks that behold the eye! Depending on your taste you can either go with bold and chunkier designs or opt for a delicate, slimmer necklaces for that more simpler look.



  1. Pendant Sets –

Pendants can be worn on every outfit. Whether it is for a formal or any informal event, you can always wear a small pendant.


Image Credits: Google, Pinterest

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